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Township Forms & Links

Here you can view, download, or print the forms you need!  Get answers to questions & review previous minutes


Zoning & Planning Commission


Taxes & Assessing




County Maps & Building

Zoning Applications will NOT be accepted without prior approval from Zoning Administrator, Mark Stevens (231) 349-4607


Contact Zoning Administrator Mark Stevens  at (231) 349-4607 or


Any building requires a Zoning Application.Once signed by Zoning Administrator, Mark Stevens, building permit may be obtained at the Montcalm County Building Department (see links below.)

Who do I contact regarding tax questions?

Treasurer Roger Stedman may be reached at (231) 937-6739 during regular office hours or e-mail


How do I contact the Assessor?

Assessor Andy Ross may be reached at the Township Office on Wednesdays from 9:00 am-1:00 pm, by phone (989) 291-3630 or by e-mail


Who do I contact regarding cemetery questions?

Clerk Robin Sholty may be reached at (231) 937-6739 during regular office hours or e-mail


How do I obtain a Zoning Application?

Select Zoning Application above or contact the Clerk.


Dog License Application

 or Contact the County Treasurer's Office at (989) 831-7334


Well & Septic Questions

or Contact Mid-Michigan Health Department (989) 831-5237


New Address Questions

or Contact Montcalm County Equalization (989) 831-7492


To pay property taxes online with your credit card

click on the following linkBS&A Point & Pay


When entering the parcel # - DO NOT ENTER THE 59 at the beginning

CAUTION - Convenience Fee Will Apply - READ CAREFULLY!


Land Combination Application


Land Division Application


Assessing Questions?

Contact Assessor, Andy Ross at  989-291-3630 or e-mail


Previous Board Minutes


Election Links

Register to vote at your Secretary of State office or local Clerk’s Office!


Previous Board Minutes


Previous Planning Minutes

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